Trade shows have a lot of moving parts. Between online profiles, continuous exhibitor portal updates, booth staff reservations and more - when these details fall through the cracks your trade show investment can suffer.​​​


​​Show logistics and corporate event experts

Leveraging Event Results

We handle show details so you can get back to business.

LeadIn Logistics is the premier provider of trade show and event logistics. Specializing in companies of all industries, our experienced team can handle all the small – and big – details of an event.  In addition, LeadIn Logistics offers post-show lead qualifying services.  With over twenty years of industry experience, LeadIn Logistics understands the unique needs to drive more traffic to your booth or to create a successful event.


Corporate events don't just happen. When you don't have the manpower (or desire) to run a 
corporate event, we can help. From small board meetings to larger, multi-day conferences, let us ease your burden. 


​​​When your event ends you likely have more work to do with lead follow-up. Don't let leads go cold due to lack of time and resources. Let us follow-up and qualify your leads so you know how to best utilize your time and identify opportunities.